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Major in World Languages and Cultures

The Major in World Languages and

Cultures will allow you to acquire

competency in one or more

international languages and gain a

wide range of knowledge about

cultures and intercultural realities.

Besides focusing on one or several

linguistic and cultural areas, you will

develop fundamental research and

communication skills that are essential

to today’s workplace and wider world.

These are introduced and reinforced in courses at all levels, concluding with a capstone research seminar.

Gain important academic and professional experience by collaborating with the Department’s various research groups or participating in the research of faculty members through the prestigious Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). The Major’s experiential learning component will allow you to integrate diverse opportunities to study and work abroad as well as volunteering experiences with embassies, international cultural institutes (e.g. Cervantes Institute, Goethe Institute, Dante Alighieri Society), and community organizations in the National Capital Region.


The Major is a perfect fit with the University of Ottawa’s uOGlobal Recognition and with the Faculty of Arts' Option in Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Social Innovation. It will also prepare you for graduate studies in languages and cultures, namely in the Department’s M.A. programs in Spanish or in World Literatures and Cultures.

The languages taught in the Department include Arabic, Breton, Chinese, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Welsh, and Yiddish.

This program is offered in English or French.


World Flags

Program Requirements


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Click the link below to view the full programme requirements including the Language and Culture Profiles.

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