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One or two years of dedicated studies

Because Spanish is the second most spoken language in America, the Hispanic world has a rich heritage and an important cultural and literary influence. This means that specialized graduate studies in Spanish linguistics, literatures, and cultures are becoming a necessity. Our programs will help you develop expertise on one of the planet’s richest and most interesting cultures.

Our diverse seminars will offer you training on Spain and Latin America, including literature, cultural studies, cinema, teaching, and linguistics. You will study how Hispanic countries were shaped by past and present languages, literatures, and cultures, and how they interact with the world. The Department participates in a collaborative program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the M.A. level.

The professors’ areas of expertise, publications, and current research cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Memory, nation and identities in literary and cultural productions

  • Intellectual and cultural history of the Spanish transition to democracy

  • Transculturation and cultural blending in Latin America

  • Melodrama and postmodernity in cinema

  • Bilingualism and language acquisition

  • Spanish contact varieties and Spanish in contact with indigenous languages 

  • Spanish as a migrant and heritage language in Canada

  • Teaching of Spanish

  • Marginalization and marginal individuals in Spanish Medieval and Golden Age literature

  • Diasporic communities and identities in the modern era

  • Historic memory shared between Spaniards and Afro-Americans

  • Gender studies and Hispanic LGTBQ

With an average of 8.0, you will receive generous financial support and the possibility to gain professional experience as a teaching or research assistant.

The program is offered full-time as a year-long program and part-time over the span of two years.

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