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Our Students

Master's students making a difference

As part of our program requirements, students write their Major Research Paper (MRP) on a topic of their choice under the supervision of our professors. The MRP topics are as diverse as our students! Here are some of our students' research paper titles.

Read some of the most recent ones here: Recherche uO Research: Modern Languages and Literatures - Research Papers (


ALUMA-BAIGENT, Alia. Crytpo: Art, Currency, and Capital. 2021.


AZOULAY, Stephanie.


AZZI, Amanda. Little Girl: The Weaponization of Infantilized and Roboticized (Hyper)Femininity in Postwar Japanese Popular Culture. 2021.


CYBANSKI, Kara. Out of the Closet and onto the Bookshelf: Lesbian Liberation in Elena Fortún's Oculto Sendero. 2021.

ENEGELA, Amada Faith. 

HUGHES-WALDICK, Zoë. The Testimonio Effect in Slash and Burn: Representing the Voices of Women in War. 2021.



JURDI, Erika. Representations of Labour, Race, and Orientalism in Tale of a Certain Orient and Blackbodying. 2020.


PILON, Marylene. Exhibits of Truth and Reconciliation: Creating Empathetic Spaces for Indigenous Narratives in Canada. 2020.

RAHMAN, Elena. The Arab Canadian Identity Interculturalism, Trauma, and Identity Metamorphosis in Cockroach and Sabah. 2020.


ZHAO, Zixuan. Remembering the Algerian War: Trauma, Women, Diaspora and Aftermath in Cartouches Gauloises, Hors La Loi and The Battle of Algiers. 2020.​


PELLERIN PETROVA, Anna. Après le rideau de fer : le paradoxe du cinéma postcommuniste bulgar. 2019.​


MUCHA, Matthew. Her (Sub)version of History: The Works of Carmen Guerrero Nakpil. 2018.

ROKOLJ, Téa. Many a Footnote and Afterword: Dubravka Ugrešić and the Essay. 2018.

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