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German Language and Culture

German coordinator:

Prof. Joerg Esleben, MHN245,,


If you truly want to broaden your horizons in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge you need. One of the most widely spoken languages in the world, German is a leading language of science, literature, art, philosophy, and history. Our courses not only allow you to acquaint yourself with contemporary German, but also give you insight into the cultural and political history of German-speaking countries, and into German cinema and literature. Through exchange programs with Germany and Austria, you can complete courses toward your degree in a native-speaking environment. While on campus, the activities of the German Club provide an informal setting for honing your German-language skills.

German courses offered in Winter 2023:

ALG1902: Elementary German II:

  • Section A, Prof. Birgit Wirz-Endrys

    • Tu 08:30 - 09:50, MRT 015

    • Fr 10:00 - 11:20, SMD 428

  • Section B, Prof. Angela Bruckel​

    • We 13:00-14:20, LMX 407​

    • Fr 11:30-12:50, TBT 0021

  • Section C, online, Prof. Spaska Siderova​

    • Tu 17:30-18:50, online​

    • Th 17:30-18:50, online

ALG 2902: Intermediate German II

bimodal, Prof. Wonneken Wanske

  • Tu 17:30-18:50, MNT 204 and online

  • Th 17:30-18:50, MNT 204 and online

ALG3330: Cineman in the German-Speaking Countries

online, Prof. Elizabeth Schwaiger

  • We 14:30-17:20, online

ALG3902: Advanced German II

bimodal, Prof. Birgit Wirz-Endrys

  • Tu 11:30-12:50, SMD 503 and online

  • Fr 13:00-14:20, SMD 423 and online

Traveling in Germany
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